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Usability Testing

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Improve website navigation & visual hierarchy.

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Guide users along predetermined paths.

User Testing...

...helps validate an idea.
"Do users need my widget?" In other words, do people need your solution.


Usability Testing...

...analyzes your interface.
"Can visitors use my website without getting frustrated or falling asleep?"


Our Free Presentation

How many users? What about test criteria? Get into some usability weeds.

The Process

Usability Testing isn't a single "expert" nitpicking your website. We hire everyday people to perform a series of tasks on your website and record the results.

1. Intel Gathering

  • Understand your brand.
  • Identify your challenges.
  • List your value propositions.
  • Create tasks for our testers.

We build rapport before getting our hands dirty.


2. Usability Testing

  • Monitor test participants.
  • Encourage individuals to think out loud.
  • Take very detailed notes.
  • Debrief with follow-up questions.

Recorded using industry-leading software.


3. Killer Reporting

  • Detailed test statistics.
  • Direct quotes from participants.
  • Important takeaways.
  • Actionable recommendations.

Available via online link, PDF, or presentation.

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